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Terms and Conditions

  1. Americarna is an annual event showcasing vehicles/bikes of American origin in a week long extravaganza.

  2. The Americarna event is open to vehicles/bikes of American origin If you are unsure, email or phone our office on 06 759 0027

  3. Entry numbers will be restricted at the discretion of management.

  4. Payment is required at the time of registration. Prices are on the payment details page.  Prices increase as the timing gets closer to the event. Prices are subject to a yearly review. You will not receive a registration number until full payment is received.

  5. Once registration and payment have been received you will receive your registration number within 3-5 business days.

  6. Your registration number and acknowledgement of payment will be received via email where possible. If email is not possible, either direct contact or post will be used.

  7. Refunds will be provided if cancellations are received prior to the 13th December 2019. A $25.00 administration fee will be charged. Refunds will not be given after this date.

  8. You agree to comply with the rules, regulations and event instructions of Americarna NZ Ltd and TVET, the management of Americarna NZ Ltd or TVET reserve the right to expel anyone driving or acting in an irresponsible or unsafe manner.

  9. You acknowledge that there are risks involved in participating in an event involving motor vehicles/bikes and must participate in a manner that does not endanger either yourself or others.

  10. You agree that any photos taken of your vehicle/bike by the media or our photographer can be used by Americarna NZ Ltd or TVET.

  11. While all attempts and efforts are made by Americarna NZ Ltd and TVET toward the safety of you and your property, no responsibility is accepted in anyway by Americarna NZ Ltd or TVET for loss or damage to your property for the duration of the event.

  12. The registration form is not a contract. This is for the one-off event and will need to be completed annually.

  13. Americarna NZ Ltd assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors or omission in the content of this site. The information contained on this site is provided on an “as is” basis with no guarantees of completeness, accuracy, usefulness or timeliness.

  14. Americarna NZ Ltd can change and alter these terms and conditions at any time.

  15. Americarna NZ Ltd do not disclose any of your personal information entered on the Registration form. Once the event is finalised we destroy any personal information we are holding on file. Americarna NZ Ltd will not share any of your information with any related entities, third parties or any other organisation for any purpose without receiving your consent.

  16. Americarna NZ Ltd and TVET own all rights to any intellectual property generated.

  17. Americarna NZ Ltd operates in accordance with the laws enforced in New Zealand.

  18. By accessing and using the Americarna website you will agree to Americarna NZ Ltd.’s Terms and conditions.