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Taranaki Vehicle Events Trust

TVET Board Members From left to right; Mike Ekdahl, Wayne McCurdy Garry Malcolm and Marilyn Davies.

In July 2014, the Taranaki Vehicle Events Trust (TVET) was formed by four Taranaki business people – Garry Malcolm, Marilyn Davies, Wayne McCurdy & Mike Ekdahl.

They became involved when John Rae, who had run Americarna for the last five years, asked for some additional support and planning to help ensure the event would continue for many years, to the benefit of our Taranaki community.

The value of Americarna for the region was recognised by the four Trustees in terms of a recreational, social, wellbeing and economic outcomes beneficial to the community, and TVET was formed.

Our Current Trustees

Ian Lind, Chair: Ian was appointed in 2017. “Having been involved in several businesses for the best part of my working life, I enjoy the aspect of being involved in a well-designed, organised and well-run event. From the inception of Americana some years ago, we have been sponsors and entrants, supporting this unique event showcasing American cars in Taranaki. I thoroughly enjoy being actively involved in the Taranaki Vehicle Events Trust (TVET) with like minded people, driving the desire for an event that provides entrants within Taranaki and our visitors from outside the region, a fantastic experience and a great snap shot view of our interesting and vibrant region.”

Mark Robson, Deputy Chair: Mark was appointed as a Trustee in 2019. Mark is a local who appreciates the benefits to the Taranaki region and joins the cruises in his American vehicle.

Marilyn Davies, Trustee: Marilyn was appointed as a Trustee in 2014.

Tony Ewens, Trustee: Tony was appointed as a Trustee in 2020. He is the Branch Manager for Citycare Water, employing over 50 local staff that contribute to providing service to the community throughout Taranaki. “I have a passion for American iron and have been involved in many sporting associations, both as competitor and in management, with Jet boating, Muscle cars and Drag Racing. A regular attendee of Americarna, I have a desire to ensure the benefits for our community continue to grow.”

Yvette Preston, Trustee: Yvette was appointed a trustee in 2021 and for the last four years has been running the Americarna registration centre.  “There is something special about seeing entrants coming back year after year and welcoming first timers. We are fortunate to have a great group of volunteers who willingly give their time to ensure the success of the event”.  Yvette has a background in the public service, logistics, import and export as well as being involved in two businesses.

Taranaki Vehicle Events Trust Mission Statement

  • Provide vehicle events that will benefit the Taranaki Community
  • To showcase Taranaki not only in New Zealand but also internationally
  • To run a successful annual event in Taranaki
  • To give back to the Taranaki community by providing a completely free event for the public to attend

Friday Night Street Cruise, CBD, New Plymouth Taranaki