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Acceleration Display

high-octane fun


The Need for Speed! Get ready to rev up your engines and witness a spectacular showcase of American automotive power from all eras at the Acceleration Display! This event is all about high-octane fun, where participants unleash their American vehicles with a competitive spirit that’s more about having a blast than taking things too seriously.

As the enthusiastic competitors assemble at the start line, anticipation fills the air. The moment the flag descends, the engines roar to life, propelling the drivers towards a series of strategically positioned cones at the far end of the straight. It’s an electrifying race against time as they push their machines to their limits, each aiming to achieve the fastest time in their respective categories.

But it’s not just about raw speed. This discipline demands a delicate balance between impressive acceleration and precise braking capabilities. The straight stretch is long enough to add an extra layer of excitement. Participants will need to shift gears, maybe even a gear or two, as they push their vehicles to the edge of their performance capabilities.

The excitement starts at 2:30 pm! Come down and have a fun afternoon cheering on the participants as they showcase their skills and push their vehicles to the limit. It promises to be an adrenaline-fueled experience you won’t want to miss!

acceleration Display -- © Tony and Rhondda
Video credit: <a href="">Musclecars Universe</a>

Video credit: Musclecars Universe