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Hi All - Well, not long now before you all start heading to New Plymouth.  Thankfully it's raining now which will green up the province and hopefully ensure we have no rain during Americarna!

Hi All......Well back to work it is for most of us! Trust most of you have been able to take a break.  We are back on deck, full on with the details of completing all the Americarna 2015 event.

Hi Everyone, Well more good news, Z Energy are back on board with fuel discounts and some give away fuel cards.  We just need to work out how we intend to give them away.  No doubt many of you will have your own ideas such as "pick me!!"

Well, we're using our new system to send newsletters now as the old system had regularly up to 200 bounce-backs!  So all going well everyone will now receive the updates.

Hi All - Well the entries are coming in!  Seems many of you are wanting to avoid the December 20 cut off before the entry fee goes to $60.00.

Hi All...Well, good news!!  The major funder has approved our requests and as such, the event is all go!..........

Well, what a week we have had since news of Americarna 2015 was sent.  So much feedback, it's been unbelievable.

Hello All!....This newsletter brings news many of you will not want to hear and will be undoubtedly as disappointed as me.

Saturday Night Function - Due to the success of last years Saturday night entrant function, we have decided to run with the 'Rock n Roll' theme for the 2015 event...........

Entries for Americarna 2015 are steadily coming in.  So to those that have entered to date, thank you!  Someone asked if entries had closed.... no they haven't so be assured no issues there.

Hi All, Just an update with where we are at...............

Entry to Americarna 2015 is Officially Open!!

Hi All, We don't want you to think we have gone into hibernation!

Hi All...Well, over these past weeks we have working away on the Americarna USA Tour for August.  Our itinerary and pricing has been finalised and registrations are going well.  We have a few more spots to fill so if you're interested check out the fantastic itinerary below.

NEWS FLASH - The Newly Formed Board are Committed to run an AmeriCARna in 2015!

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