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Our Team

Taranaki Vehicle Events Trust board

In July 2014 the Taranaki Vehicle Events Trust was formed by four Taranaki business people – Garry Malcolm, Marilyn Davies, Wayne McCurdy & Mike Ekdahl.

They became involved when John Rae, who had run the event for the last five years, indicated due to insufficient funding he would not be able to continue to hold the event under the current structure.

The value of the event for the region was recognised by the four Trustees, who did not want to see Americarna disappear from the event calendar.  

The Trustees saw an opportunity through the event to provide no-cost recreation and well-being to the communities across Taranaki.

In 2017 Ian Lind was welcomed to the Trust as a Trustee.  Ian is part of many groups and organisations.  Ian has many talents and is passionate about cars.