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Newsletter 3 March 2020

Yesterday I attended Kevin Rule’s funeral in Taumaranui.  I had thought it would be large, but it was huge.
The Memorial Hall and adjoining rooms were full as was the entrance, people standing around the walls and all the way outside.
Kevin was undoubtedly a very popular person and well respected in the Taumaranui area.  The hall was dressed with numerous car parts, doors, hoods bumpers wheels which showed his passion for classic cars.  Even his casket was painted the same colour as his 55 Chev with airbrushed chrome trim.  His passion wasn’t just for Classic American Cars but also music having played in a band for several years.
Graham Weller from his band days gave a great oversight of the early years.  The funeral celebrant Huia Borell would be far the best celebrant I’ve heard, the words were powerful and meaningful, you hung onto every word she said.

There was a band playing pre the service which given his interest in music was perfect, they played during the service and at the end, again very fitting after hearing about Kevin from those who spook.
The after function held at the Manunui Club had the hall mark of continuing Kevin’s memory long into the night and there was band equipment set up.  We placed a photo of the 57 Chev Townsman they drove at Americarna 2020 by his casket.  This I felt was one way we – being all the Americarna attendees past, and at this year’s event that had texted emailed and called in disbelief that Kevin had sadly passed away after being hit while returning home.

I did have the opportunity to speak to Pauline and could show our support.  I let her know we have had many people ask us to pass on the best wishes and disbelief in what has happened.  Pauline has a strong family from what I was able to observe and a community that with her friends will support her as she becomes accustomed to not having her sole mate Kevin with her.
I sincerely hope one day Pauline along with friends will return to an Americarna where you will all have the opportunity to talk with her in person.

Yours sincerely John Rae