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Newsletter 3 April 2019

Hi All,

Well summer is fast coming to an end so the cars will be used less no doubt.

We will be sending out an email in the next couple of weeks about cars are likely wanted for an event in Wellington on July 01st – this request is from the Ambassador to the US, Scott Brown.  I will have more on this after I meet with him this week.

OK, the Confederate Flag has this year created some backlash, prior to our 2019 event and a bunch of negative emails after the event and again after the horrendous event in Christchurch.

The Councils in Taranaki who assist with the event and two other major funders have all had negative letters and them supporting an event where the Confederate flag is flown.

Unfortunately some idiot white extremists in the USA have adopted the flag as a symbol or all the wrong reasons.  Both Americarna and TVET do not want to get into a debate over the flag.  We have for the last two years answered emails received but the time has come to ask our entrants for the 2020 event to not fly or display the Confederate flag please.  We will also ask our vendors not to offer the flags available for sale at this event or also to be displayed.

We know that our entrants who have flown this flag do not do so to promote anything negative about the flag and what it is now being used for by certain factions.

We appreciate your support with this request moving forward.

Regards JR, Nadine & TVET Trustees


About the author

Nadine White is employed by Taranaki Vehicle Events Trust to present the 'Americarna' event to the people of Taranaki.  

This event is provided completely free for the Public to attend throughout Taranaki.

If you have any questions, or concerns, please contact