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Newsletter 26 August 2019

Hi All,
Registration, apart from the issue with paying initially by credit card, has gone well with over 340 cars already registered.
Accommodation is still available; the website will provide information of those that have rooms available.  Were confident this event will sell out again at 800-850 vehicles.
Remember, vehicles must be of American origin.  If you are unsure, please send a photo and info to us so we can confirm.
NZ New Mustangs are very limited at our event with those who have previously entered allowed to re-enter.  We know this will disappoint a number of people, but in order to maintain the integrity of the event we need to stick to this decision.
Price goes up on September 1st so last chance to be in the early bird pricing:
August $150 for vehicle and driver plus $50 per passenger
September $165 for vehicle and driver plus $50 per passenger
October, November December $190 for vehicle and driver plus $50 per passenger
Accommodation supporters
On the website is a list of wonderful accommodation who support our event.  Please call them direct on the phone numbers provided and mention Americarna entrant and you will be welcomed with open arms.  
Registration: submit your registration for the 2020 Americarna event. Registration is Open!!
Cheers for now

JR & Nadine

About the author

Nadine White is employed by Taranaki Vehicle Events Trust to present the 'Americarna' event to the people of Taranaki.  

This event is provided completely free for the Public to attend throughout Taranaki.

If you have any questions, or concerns, please contact