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Americarna Newsletter 7 August 2019

Newsletter 7 August 2019

Hi All

It has been extremely frustrating getting our bank sorted for credit card payment!

We have been advised this morning that this has not been finalised by paymark until early next week. So, for those who wish to register now and pay by direct credit to our bank account you can proceed to register now.

Payment Method Options

Deposit via Internet Banking:

Americarna NZ Ltd
03 0713 0004802 00
Please use your name as a reference

Al the accommodation providers that support Americarna are listed on the website. If you have any issues finding accommodation call us. Some are already fully booked and those are shown on the website. Nadine calls our supporters to check room availability and will keep the list up to date to save you calling unnecessarily.

As soon as our online credit card (visa Mastercard) is live we will flick out another email.

Nadine now has a dedicated cell phone 027 555 0324

Cheers JR

About the author

Nadine White is employed by Taranaki Vehicle Events Trust to present the 'Americarna' event to the people of Taranaki.  

This event is provided completely free for the Public to attend throughout Taranaki.

If you have any questions, or concerns, please contact