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Newsletter 24 August 2018

Hi All,
Registration is Open!!

A cracker of a day here in Taranaki today, might event get the lawns mown this weekend!

So check out the photo of the tool box Pace Power & Air are giving us to give away this year.
You can check the range of Tool Chests out on trademe or contact them at
So for those entrants that attend the Saturday Americarnival in New Plymouth you will be given a card with your entrant number on it, you will then drop the card in the entry bucket at the Farewell Function on the Saturday evening to be in the draw. 
This great prize from Steve & Debbie of PACE Engineering, and Mitchell Day of PACE Power & Air.

Also this week Ian Lind of Meco Engineering has committed to the sum of $5,000 in sponsorship which again is to be used solely for prizes for entrants.  Ian's company Meco Engineering have provided funds for entrant prizes now for a number of years.

We will continue to work on additional benefits for our entrants, and passengers to the 2019 event.

Entries are fast heading toward the 500 mark which indicate the target number will be easily met!
When registering please remember to pay your entry fee by Bank Transfer the same day, or post a cheque straight away to help make it easier for reconciling the entry process.

Cheers for now
JR & Nadine and the TVET Board

About the author

Nadine White is employed by Taranaki Vehicle Events Trust to present the 'Americarna' event to the people of Taranaki.  

This event is provided completely free for the Public to attend throughout Taranaki.

If you have any questions, or concerns, please contact