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Newsletter 17th November 2017

Hi All,
Well at last we have a few days of continuous fine weather – definitely makes a nice change!
Our entrant numbers are looking great and we’re blown away by the number of first time attendees.
If any of our local entrants are interested in being the lead vehicle, or if you wish to be involved/partake in the Rest Home run on Thursday morning please contact Nadine on 759 0027 or  Please note that this will be on a first in, first served basis.
We have come up with an idea that we’re going to trial at this event.  We will have reserved parking and in Rest Home named lanes to see if we can assist assembling the cars in the correct groups as you arrive to check-in.  This will make it more organised.  We know our solution will work. 
We will be giving out spot prizes of Z Vouchers and Repco Vouchers each day prior to departure.
However, all the big-ticket prizes will be given away at The Classic Cover Welcome Function on Wednesday night, and the Mainstream Farewell Party on Saturday Night.  If you wish to attend either, or both functions, and haven’t yet confirmed to Nadine, then please do so ASAP.
Also, please register your passengers so they can be issued with arm bands, that way they can attend these functions with you.  It is important to do this, as it is very unlikely that there will be door sales on the night.
Both of these large venues we are using cost a substantial amount to use and prepare for these two functions.  We need at least 700 for the Mainstream Farewell if we’re to use the Stadium and currently we have 453 confirmed.  Given the number of entries received, a number of you haven’t requested your passengers to attend.  No Armband, no entry.
So, now that’s out of the way, we expect an influx of additional people.
The overseas guests coming is excellent and some of the people that will be featured in the programme will be interesting to talk to.
Greg Haliday from Mainstream has four couples coming that have incredible knowledge, particularly around Corvettes.
We could still do with a few more vehicles for the Repco Go-Stop on the Friday, so again, if you wish to take part then please drop Nadine an email.
Well that’s it for now.  If your car/cars aren’t ready then there is still plenty of time to finish off those little jobs.  Trust me, I know as I have a few to complete myself.
It will be six years since my Diane’s 55 last did Americarna so now that it’s finished I need to get the Cert completed!  Better get on it as I’ve been told she wants to use it!

Cheers for now,
JR & Nadine

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About the author

Nadine White is employed by Taranaki Vehicle Events Trust to present the 'Americarna' event to the people of Taranaki.  

This event is provided completely free for the Public to attend throughout Taranaki.

If you have any questions, or concerns, please contact