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Americarna 2015 Postponed

Hello All!....This newsletter brings news many of you will not want to hear and will be undoubtedly as disappointed as me.

Funding for Inglewood, Waitara and Stratford to stage the road closure and activities for Americarna visits has been declined by TET (Taranaki Electricity Trust).  This has come as a complete shock and we will now be endeavouring to find out why, when they have supported these towns every year.

Given this turn of events we have been left with no other option other that to cancel Americarna 2015!  Please be assured this has been a difficult decision to make.  However TVET (Taranaki Vehicle Event Trust) and Americarna NZ Ltd are not going to hold an event that will be less than has been held before, in fact we aim to provide more.  All those that have entered to date will receive 100% full refunds next week.

At a meeting of the Trustees yesterday we informed them of our decision and have laid the challenge to them to have all the required funding in place by May 2015 so we can run again in 2016!  To the groups that were booked to travel from various countries we feel your disappointment and we apologise but it was out of our hands.

Given the number of personal emails that would have been required to send to each entrant, please accept this newsletter as your official cancellation notification.

I will respond to any emails or phone calls.

Yours sincerely

John Rae