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News - 13 March 2014

Hi All.......Well Americarna 2014 is now as they say, history. I would rate this event as one of our best with the Saturday in New Plymouth definitely by far the biggest crowd we have drawn at any Saturday event we have had. The people just keep coming and the whole town  was alive.

It definitely paves the way forward to disregard the Country Fair and keep it in the city. We have taken the entrant's and public comments on board. 

We are now going through the process of setting up a Trust to own the rights to run Americarna. I will not be a Trustee, and there are a number of reasons for this.  I believe a Trust structure will allow for more funding and sponsorship to be obtained. The time has come, under it's current structure, where we are unable to provide the improvements to the event we want. 

It has long been our desire to provide more for our entrants and the public who make the event what it is and only additional funding will allow this. Obviously we are hopeful the new Trustee's will want to have Toni, Bob and myself involved in the management and organisation of the event but that decision is their's to make. As soon as we know we will update the website and you all via email. 

The current thinking is we will go back to being an annual event. There are enough people who will come every second year to insure the event retains its maximum of 600 vehicles each year.  Americarna has always been about quality not quantity. Given that we move vehicles each and every day 600 is the magic number we have settled on. 

The first Trustee's meeting is this week where I will present my views on the event now and moving forward.  The following week there is an even larger meeting with the region's three Mayors, their CEO's, Venture Taranaki , TSB Community Trust and a number of other sponsors.

Once all is in place I will then hand the event rights to the new Trust! 

I feel very confident Americarna 2015 will be held again, as always the last week of the February, so suggest you mark your calender. 

With additional funding we will be able to improve two areas which need looking at, firstly we need to streamline registration and secondly have more help with controlling the traffic on the Friday night to ensure the CBD Cruising runs a little smoother than this year. It came right but did take a little longer to sort than I wanted. 

Americarna is about the entrants and the public having a great experience. Be assured this will continue to be the case. 

So again to all who attended 2014, Thank you and we look forward to seeing you all again. 

Yours Sincerely, 


John Rae, Toni Fabish and Bob Anderson.