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Latest News - 17th October 2013

Turn Key Civil

We start this week by welcoming another GOLD Sponsor.....


Turn Key Civil (TKC) who will be managing all of the Traffic Management Plans and the Road Closure for the Friday night and Saturday.

Although TKC are a new Company, there are some familiar faces and lots of experience there to help us through what is a very important part of the event and we thank them for their commitment and support.

The last newsletter listed all the Z Energy Service Stations that are participating in the 6 cent per litre discount over of the event and we have been asked why more stations, particularly from the North, are not involved.

Although Z Energy is behind this initiative all the stations participating have the same owner, John Hurley and John has been behind AmeriCARna from the beginning. We are attempting to get Northern  Z Stations on board and we will advise you on how that dialog progresses.

Just a reminder that if you haven’t arranged your accommodation all of our preferred accommodation providers are listed on our website. Click HERE and you will be taken directly there!

Please support those who support us !

There has been a new listing on the 'Vehicles For Sale' section of our website.  Click below for more information:

1933 Ford

That’s it for now and remember

Happiness isn’t having what you want, it’s wanting what you have !


JR, Toni and Bob