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Update - May 2013

Street parade

Well, Hello to you all! Yes, I know it has been a while since I last did a newsletter update. I've had a lot of 'stuff' going on which has made it difficult to manage everything I have to attend to......

We have been working with a charitable trust as mentioned some time back.  There have been a few issues crop up which has chucked a spanner in the works, well actually the whole damn tool box!  But we will work through the issues and it won’t affect the running of Americarna 2014.  There is only one more box to tick before entry forms will be available on our website.  When this happens you will all be advised.  The limit will 700 vehicles which I’m sure we will reach in no time.

Toni and I have worked on making some parts of the event totally different than any past Americarna to ensure you get something a little different.  These tweaks will be revealed in the next newsletter.

So what other stuff can I tell you about? ........  Shaun has been busy in the workshop on the 56 Nomad of Mike Sharpe’s.  The car has come up real nice and I for one would be happy to have it in my shed!  So his next project will be my Chevelle as we want to fit the 540cu B/B in it and the vintage air.  If anyone is looking for a fresh 396 B/B give me a call.  The engine has all the bullet pulleys and brackets on it.  Unfortunately Diane’s 55 won’t be ready next year.  The body was rotten and well hidden by the previous American owners.

On a different note; when I looking for an electric hand brake controllers for her car I was referred to E-Stopp – check out  It’s a really cool piece which will work in any vehicle and does away with the need to have a manual hand brake in the car.  Toni has downloaded the brochure onto our website – click the below link to check it out.  We have picked up the NZ agency and have units in stock.

We will also have details sorted in the next few weeks for our Americarna 2014 USA Tour.  As previously stated this will include Good Guys Pleasanton then to Indy to visit various shops and NHRA drags.  We’re just exploring if we can fit in a couple of days in Charlotte, North Carolina, to visit the NASCAR Hall of Fame and Hendrick Motorsports.  Again will keep you updated.

Well, that’s it for now; enjoy the rain and cold!  Frustrating time to build I can tell you.


JR & Toni