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Americarna News Update

Americarna spectators

Well Hello Everyone! Yes, we're alive and well. You may have thought Toni and I had vanished off the face of the earth!........


Toni was on contract to help the US promoter with Bikes Blues and Hot Cars which has now been and gone.  Obviously nowhere near the size event the promoter had hoped for.

The summer scene is fast coming to an end with the only major event left being Beachhop. 

None of us can complain about the weather, this Summer has been nothing short of spectacular for driving our prized toys, although it did rain on our way to the Pre 49’s in Hamilton.  I had forgotten to put the wipers on the '33 I was driving.  Shaun & Lydia (Shaun works in the Americarna Service Workshop) were driving our '32 so they did get a little wet!

Over the last few months I’ve had the opportunity to actually go to a couple of events and enjoy just being an entrant, nice for a change I must say.  It has been great to catch up with people who have attended Americarna events and to meet new people as well.

We start next week on planning Americarna 2014 which will be from Feb 26thto March 1st.  The event will run to all our regular spots.  It’s these towns that the people flock to, to enjoy your cars.

We are working on a few changes to give the event a different feel.  Don’t worry, the Friday night main street cruizin (my biggest headache to organise) is still in!

The 2014 Corvette Nationals are being held in New Plymouth the weekend before so we’re picking some of those attending will stay on for Americarna.  Rumour has it that two gentleman from the US who attended last year are seriously considering shipping their C6 Vettes down for both the Nationals and Americarna.  They may even sell their cars here?  Only a rumour but when I know more, I will let you know.

We’re planning to have registration open June 1stand the event will be limited to 800 vehicles!  700 is the number I prefer but we can do 800 as we have in the past.  2014 will be big, as the interest is very encouraging.  As such, we look forward to hosting you all back in the Naki along with those that have not yet attended.

We will again be taking another tour to the US in 2014.  Yes, we will definitely be doing Hot Rod Week prior to Good-Guys Pleasanton and we’re looking at traveling via air to take in the Lucas Oils NHRA in Indianapolis after Pleasanton.  I have contacts at some of the race shops in Indy that we can incorporate.

Last year’s tour was hugely popular and we’re expecting interest to be high for our 2014 tour.  Toni has a list of interested parties already so if you want to be on the potential list, let her know -

On a different issue, we get enquiries all the time for cars for weddings so I have elected to put a register on our website.  If doing the odd wedding is your thing, then email Toni your name, town/city you live in  (we don’t want to put your address on the site)  and type of car/s you have available.  The going rate for use seems to be $100 per hour.  When we get enquiries, we can direct them to our website where people can contact you direct.  This is not limited to Taranaki, its NZ wide.

Well that’s all for now.  Happy motoring.