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Latest News - 13th August 2013

Car at night

Hi Everyone! Further to the press release today we thought we should bring you up to date on our ongoing plans for the 2014 Event.......

Firstly, for the first time since its inception AmeriCARna plans to drop the Country Fair in favour of a CBD Main Street AmeriCARnival on Saturday. This will be completely free to the public and include a Main Street static display of the vehicles, bands, music, food and a huge playground for the kids.

We believe this brings a fresh look to the event  and it comes with the support of the Council and the retailers who are very keen to support us.

Secondly, AmeriCARna has aligned itself with the HATCh Trust (Help a Taranaki Child) and in doing so the Trust will benefit by being the sole recipient of fundraising opportunities throughout the event .

The accumulated donations will be put towards funding under privileged students into a WITT Scholarship. The students will be monitored quarterly by the Trust on their performance  to ensure they  meet all their KPI’s.

We are very excited about this concept and the opportunity to help students that would not otherwise be in a financial position to further their education and, if 2014 is successful, this may well prove to be ongoing by the Trust.

Thirdly, AmeriCARna 'the event' will be transferred to a Charitable Trust who will own the rights to the event along with other vehicle related events if it chooses to.

The Charitable Trust deed and the Trustees will be put together in due course. The aim is to attract additional funding to further enhance the event and provide additional support for youth tertiary education at WITT, our local training facility.

That’s all for now


JR, Toni, Bob