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Latest News - 26th October 2012

Yellow car

Hi All, Well it's time we had an update of what's been going on since we returned from the Americarna Tour.

Firstly we are excited to announce the safe and healthy arrival of a granddaughter which Diane and myself are thrilled about. Given how much our grandson loves anything with wheels, I’ll love to make sure Zoe has the same passion!

A lot will be aware we pulled Diane’s 55 off the road for a rebuild, well that’s NOW major given how well the rust had been hidden, won’t be a lot of original panel left on it, oh well the joys of old cars. Was hopeful of having it ready for Americarna 2014! Now very doubtful.

Toni’s been working on Bikes Blues and Hot Cars (which will be here in no time). The event is shaping up well with Dan securing some awesome entertainment that will be enjoyed by all. The headline act is ‘Girls with Guitars’ coming down from the U.S.

Entries are growing now that the promotion is in full swing.

If you have any questions about the event, shoot Toni an email at

I can’t recall if I mentioned about what’s been happening in the workshop (old age I think) but Shaun has not only been working on my car but now custom work.

He’s currently completely rebuilding a 56 Nomad for a customer that sits on the running gear out of the 55 and will be a nice curser.

Shaun has a flare for exhaust work, where everything is Tig wielded and using flange clamps.

So who knows where this additional work will take us, personally I would like to see us specialising in Tri 5 work.

Anyway, for those of you who attend the Bikes Blue and Hot Cars event, if you are interested in calling around to the work shop one night, I’m sure we can show you what we are up to.

If you’re looking for a new vehicle or are selling your current one, don’t forget to check out our ‘Vehicles for Sale’ section on our website – link below:

Cheers for now

JR & Toni