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Bikes, Blues & Hot Cars

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As you are aware Americarna won't return to Taranaki until 2014 and we're working on making further enhancements.  However, we will be working closely with US concert & event promoter Dan Allen, who many of you met at this year's Americarna, to put on a great event that has been very successful in the US- Bikes, Blues and Hot Cars.

Mark your calendars now for February 28th to March 2nd 2013. While the new website is being built you should check out   This will give you an insight about this exciting event.

Bikes, Blues and Hot Cars is open to ALL makes of motorbikes, cars and trucks.  There are different categories for different makes of cars so hopefully the American muscle will outweigh the British, Italian, German, Aussie and Japanese cars.  And there will be judging for best custom chopper, sport bike and lots more.  Prizes & trophies will be up for grabs for each category.

The event will include a poker run, motorbike raffle, drag races for both cars and bikes, cruising through Taranaki, stunt bike exhibitions, live music, games for kids and the whole family.  Dan will provide details of the schedule and all the things you can expect soon.  

Toni and myself will be working alongside Dan to assist in his event.  As such you can be assured it will have the same level of detail and professionalism that those of you who have attended an Americarna are accustomed to.

We regularly get questioned as to why Americarna is just for American and American themed vehicles only, simply because that’s what Americarna is.  Now you have the opportunity to not only bring your US Muscle car but your Falcon GT, BMW, Ferrari or whatever make of car you like—and the same goes for motorbikes as well.

Bikes, Blues and Hot Cars will offer a very different event to what you have seen or are used to.  Toni will be in control of managing entry forms so you know who you’re dealing with.

More information to be sent in due course.

Cheers from JR, Toni & Dan