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Latest News - 7th March 2012

Hi All..... Well Americarna 2012 has been and gone. We have had amazing feedback which is always pleasing. Sure there's always things we can improve on and will continue to do so.

My biggest issue (apart from the rain…..well a lot of rain on day one) was the time it took to get your meals at the Entrant Function.  We apologise for this and have met with the caterer and voiced our disapproval.

Speaking of the function, what a blast to see so many people dressed in western theme.  Felt safe with about 100 sheriffs and a couple of dozen marshals present.  Mind you, we had that many Indians, it could have been a bloody good fight around the chuck wagon.

I know a number of the entrants didn’t want to wait in Hawera but the majority of who did experienced the massive turn out on Mangorei Road.  This has now become a highlight for many attending.

We feel the public support was as good, if not better than any event held to date.

We congratulate you all on your behaviour and cooperation.  We had no complaints from the Police who incidentally were amazing this year.

The GymCARna seemed to be a hit and especially round two when we had it wet and allowed you to cut loose a little.

For those who were present, you will know that there is no Americarna 2013 and we will hold the next one back in New Plymouth in 2014.  In 2014 we will be making yet more changes such as maximum number of cars 650, along with some other tweaks that we’re sure you will enjoy.

We will keep the breakfast onsite as this proved popular.  My son-in-law (as of this weekend) had to ensure you got value for money.  Although he did say that miners working in the mines in Aussie eat less than most of the blokes they fed here!!!

Toni has had a couple of days off to recover before we start firming up our Americarna 2012 USA Tour which will be, we feel, our best to date……more on this shortly.  If you’ve not previously indicated your interest to Toni, then I suggest you do so as we may very well sell out as we only have a limited number of rooms in Pleasanton.

Next week, we will let you know what we still have available in merchandise in case those who couldn’t attend want an item or two.  Must say, it was very popular.

As per last weeks email to entrants; The Custom Auto Glass and Fluid Coatings prize winners have still not come forward.  Please, if you can help identify these people email ASAP.

So to those who attended, thank you.  For those that helped with odd jobs and helped set the stadium up for the function, thank you.

Yours sincerely

JR & Toni