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Battery Tenders

Recently I mentioned the Battery Tenders I was trialling, well I can tell you I'm extremely pleased. Less money and equally as good as what I bought from the US. They come with a two year warranty and we have elected to promote two models.........

Clicking the below link will take you to our website where you find more information on each product:

So if you want to avoid the hassle of charging your battery all the time, this is the perfect solution.  All you need to do is either mail a cheque and business delivery address or electronically credit our account and advise Toni by email

  • Unit one is $89.00 – Waterproof Junior - freight free including GST
  • Unit two is $125.00 – Internation Plus - freight free including GST

Americarna members receive a 10% discount.

By week end our 2012 Tour will be fully costed.   I know we’re running a little behind on what’s previously been stated however, you know how we like anything we do to be perfect.  So next week you will have it I promise.


JR & Toni