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Latest News - 20 September 2011

Judging by the texts, emails and phone calls, a number of you saw the Americarna and JRI staff on Close Up last Thursday night. For those that didn't, all the staff got dressed in red, white and blue in preparation for the USA/Russia RWC game. Naturally we were thrilled to see USA win........

Having never met Mark Sainsbury, the TV1 Close Up presenter before, I must say, what a great guy.  He was awesome to work with and furthermore he loves his Lincoln.  Hopefully he can get to Americarna next year.

Here’s the Latest News:

A large marquee will be erected at the Registration Centre this event; the idea is to provide a meeting place for everyone from 7:30am – ‘The Morning Hub’.  A caterer will be onsite to provide the option of continental or cooked breakfast.  This will be cooked onsite and served hot & fresh.  The price is yet to be set but we have advised it’s got to be fair and extremely good value for money. 

The hospitality tent will again be open providing complimentary tea and coffee.  A coffee caravan will also be onsite each morning for those who want to purchase a double overhead, throw down shot of caffeine to kick start your day.  In other words ‘proper coffee’.

The interest overseas continues to grow with quite a few now confirmed attending from the US and Aussie.  We will be looking for people to take our visitors on the runs during the week.  Some have been given cars to use from their Kiwi connections, which is great.  Our visitors will have distinctive swing tags so you will know who they are.

Don’t forget to sign up for the ‘GymCARna’ competition by emailing  The Friday event is on asphalt and Saturday on freshly swept tar seal.  Our Gymkhana Coordinator Wayne Hall is working on adjusting the course so large cars aren’t handicapped.  It will be entertaining and provide the odd laugh no doubt!  We will have one group for women only, however having said that, I witnessed an event in the US a couple of years ago that was won outright by a very skilled lady in a hot 1970 Z28 Camaro!

For more info on our ‘GymCARna’, click the below link to our website.

This year we elected not to take a tour to the US and in the next couple of weeks we will post our 2012 Tour on the website for expressions of interest.  It will be limited to 40 people and will have something for everyone.

In the meantime, keep the entries rolling in.  It takes the pressure off Toni to have a steady flow rather than a huge influx close to the event.  Click the below link to our website for the entry form and more event information.


JR, Toni & Tania