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Latest News - 18th November 2011

Well another week has flown by. I have no idea where the week has gone! Not long until Christmas and the 'Silly Season' will be upon us all..............

We have another generous prize to give away. Terry Parkes owner/operator of the Nice Hotel has offered a prize of one night’s accommodation in a luxury unit with spa including breakfast for two (valued at $300).  All the rich and famous stay at his unique Heritage Hotel in the centre of New Plymouth. Terry is an absolute character and hopefully the winner will have the chance to meet him and have a drink or two!

So all entries received up until 15thDecember (plus those already entered)  will go into the draw to win the night at the Nice Hotel. 

Interest in our 2012 event is good however still room for a few more.

Pricing for the USA Tour is coming together, naturally ground transport is very involved and as such Toni is still waiting on final costings.

I read this week where another USA Tour operator stated that, one of his tours finished at the L.A. Roadster show and he rates the L.A. Roadster show better than the West Coast Street Rod Nationals! Hmmm.  I’ve attended the L.A. Roadster show twice and once with my own car.  Yes it’s a great event however for my money Good-guys West Coast National in Pleasanton is hard to beat for the following reasons:   Great venue, plenty of shade from the sun, nice park like surroundings, open to  vehicles 1972 and older so there’s plenty of variety and Pleasanton is a beautiful town.  I could go on but trust me, if you have never been to a car show/event in the U.S. then the L.A. Roadster will blow you away and so too will Pleasanton.   I’m not looking to start a war of words between two promoters who take tours to the U.S. as we both provide very different experiences; however I keep going back to Pleasanton.  In fact I have been for the last six years straight…… I wonder why!

The ’32 which as you all know I was gutted to have to convert to RHD is well underway and I would say the chassis will be at the painters next week to paint all the stuff added and parts cut off from its LHD state 

We have been in communication with Esther and Scott from the U.S. They are looking forward to attending Americarna 2012 and having the ’32 to use.  The trade off is they have to work in registration!  Just joking they offered to be involved as has another U.S. visitor.

That’s the latest news for now.  Have a fun & safe weekend. 

JR & the Americarna Team