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Latest Event News!

Some great news! Firstly a number of you have mentioned you were not happy with the meal last time in New Plymouth at the Entrants Function. So, we have changed caterers and we're extremely happy with the concept they have come up with...........

The menu is very American; their costumes are definitely in the theme of the night and the meal price very fair.  We will send you the menu next week and tickets can be purchased at registration.  Other food items will be available throughout the night.

NOW….I’ve been telling you in previous emails that we have been working on something else and now I can confirm what that is.

Again you have mentioned you want more to do so here it is.  Thursday night at the TSB Stadium which is opposite registration, there will be a concert.  Opening act Mark Williams who had No 1 hits in NZ and who is now the voice of Dragon.  Act two is Glenn Shorrock and his band.  Glenn is the “original” voice of Little River Band.  They will play all LRB hits along with some Beatles numbers and a number of other hits that will have us all up going for it.

We’re planning four different ticket prices of which those entered will get at extremely competitive prices before the balance go on sale to the public.

Adding the concert will make this, we feel, the best Americarna to date!  And yes you will be able to purchase your favourite beverages throughout the concert.

Hopefully within the next week we will have all our costings sorted and advise you of the ticket options.  Please note however, only those that have registered will be able to book tickets at the entrants prices.

What else is happening?  Well Mark at Juniors has my 32 well under control.  Chassis and body should just about be back from the painters and then its reassembly time.  So Scott and Esther (the USA couple who will be driving it) rest easy, the Roadster will be ready for you.

I’m going under the knife today to fix a shoulder injury so that will slow me up for a while.  The beauty of having good people around is they step up and keep it all happening.

So within a week Toni will send you the Saturday Function menu and before Christmas will confirm the concert ticket price options!

Cheers to you all

John and the Team at Americarna