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Well, Hello to you all!  Yes, I know it has been a while since I last did a newsletter update.  I've had a lot of 'stuff' going on which has made it difficult to manage everything I have to attend to......

Kaponga 4th July Independence Day Celebrations - brought to you by Neville Carter...........

25th - 28th October 2013 - The New Zealand Military Vehicle Collectors Club is organising an event called 'The Marines @ Mahia'.  This is to celebrate the 70th anniversary of when the US Marines landed on the beach at Mahia - Hawkes Bay.  The Marines carried out their practice landings in their island hopping campaign across the pacific to fight the Japanese.  Sadly most of them lost their lives.

The Low Volume Vehicle Technical Association (Inc) has identified that some serious safety defects exist within a number of aftermarket steering columns, which, if not replaced, could result in a total loss of steering control of the vehicle to which it is fitted.

Hey Everyone!  Toni Here, Well, with JR being so flat out with all his various projects and work commitments I get the opportunity to take the reins and drop you all an update.

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