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This photo is of the 2012 Americarna USA Tour Group - included also is the group of kiwi's that travelled with Ivan & Chrsitine Jujunovich.
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The photo was taken outside the Blackhawk Museum - Danville CA, which houses an incredible collection of automobile history.

Hi All, Well it's time we had an update of what's been going on since we returned from the Americarna Tour.

Hi All, Well the majority of those who travelled with us to the US are back safe and sound, six are still enjoying an extended stay.

As you are aware Americarna won't return to Taranaki until 2014 and we're working on making further enhancements.  However, we will be working closely with US concert & event promoter Dan Allen, who many of you met at this year's Americarna, to put on a great event that has been very successful in the US- Bikes, Blues and Hot Cars.

Well the temperatures have dropped; the jackets have come out from the back of the wardrobe, rainy days, thunderstorms......... Winter appears to have taken hold!

Recently I mentioned the Battery Tenders I was trialling, well I can tell you I'm extremely pleased.  Less money and equally as good as what I bought from the US.  They come with a two year warranty and we have elected to promote two models.........

We have finalised the itinerary for our 2012 Tour.  We have space available for forty people and again, will ensure that the ladies travelling with us will have plenty to entertain them.  The itinerary is as follows.......

Hi All..... Well Americarna 2012 has been and gone.  We have had amazing feedback which is always pleasing.  Sure there's always things we can improve on and will continue to do so.

Hi All.... Well it's not long now!  We have people coming from USA, Canada and Australia; some leaving in the next few days.  All our plans have fallen into place and we're confident this will be our best event to date..........

Hello "Children".....Wow, less than four weeks now until registration opens at the race course.  The entries really clicked up a notch last week and are strong this week which is great.

Hi All......Well we're over half way through January already which means Americarna 2012 is only five weeks away!!  B.. H.  We still have plenty to do.

Well Hello for 2012.....So I guess it's time to work on the New Year resolutions, lose weight, stop smoking, spend more time driving the toys...... Yeah right!

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