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Russ & Lora Freund's 1923 Ford Roadster

April 2013

Russ & Lora Freund's 1923 Ford Roadster

It's safe to say that building a hot rod can be an organic process. While some cars have a rigid build plan that's laid out before the first wrench is turned many seem to evolve as they go, and often spiral into something much more than anticipated.

The project began with bracing the body’s inner structure with steel and creating new metal floors. The mockup’s chassis parts were swapped for the current chromed axle and hairpins he had in the garage, and a ’46 rear with another collected piece, a Winter’s quickchange.

Russ color sanded and assembled the chassis, and it was looking impressive with the chromed bits. The body was painted upside down, in his garage. It was first based in white, and all of the pin stripes were taped off before the color was applied. They striped all surfaces, mounting the body on the chassis and working the designs to flow around the rails before removing it and continuing. They also striped the frame inside and out and the engine and transmission were smoothed. Paying homage to the Emperor’s Chinese food carton hot rod logo, the car was dubbed the “Take out T.”


Russ & Lora Freund's 1923 Ford Roadster Russ & Lora Freund's 1923 Ford Roadster 

Tech Specs:


- 1923 Ford Roadster
- Chopped Top
- Steel Inner Structures
- New Floors
- Martin Senor Planet Colour Paint



- Custom 2" x 4" Frame
- 4" Superbell Dropped Axle
- Pete & Jakes Hairpins
- Schroeder Steering Box
- '48 Ford Rear Axle with Winter's quick change centre section
- Pete & Jakes ladder bars
- Chromed T Spring
- 1940 Ford Brakes


- Flathead built by Dave Swenson
- Cyclone Heads
- Thickstun Intake
- Custom Stainless Headers
- 1939 Ford Transmission with Open Drive

Wheels & Tyres:

- 5 x 15 and 8 x 15 Chrome Steelies
- 8.00 - 15 Silvertown Whitewalls
- 8.50 - 15 Radir Slicks

Russ & Lora Freund's 1923 Ford Roadster  Russ & Lora Freund's 1923 Ford Roadster


- Filled & Smoothered Stock Dash
- Moon Gauges
- Speedway Steering Wheel
- Custom Seats
- Upholstery by George Frank

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