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Dan and Suzanne Varosh's 1936 Ford Woodie

August 2010

Dan and Suzanne Varosh's 1936 Ford Woodie

Dan And Suzanne Varosh of Livermore, California are the proud owners of a ’36 Cabriolet, but began searching for a suitable wagon, and they wanted it to be a ’36.

The popular Woodies usually come in two flavors: Over-the-top restored showpieces or clapped out basket cases. The Varoshs wanted a mid-range car that was either a nice driver, or one that they could finish quickly. They searched high and low for over two years before they found one. It was still under construction, and owned by a talented cabinetmaker. They took pictures and talked with the owner, but the ’36 was not for sale. Hopeful, they left their number and continued their search.

The following year the Woodie was back. By now it was complete and still not for sale. Again they spoke with the owner, expressing great interest, and left their number. Several months passed, and then out of the blue they got the call that many hot rodders hope to get: their dream ride was going up for sale and they had first chance to buy it and they did.

To call the car’s woodwork impressive is an understatement. The wooden portion of the body consists of Figured Maple panels with Hard Rock Maple trim, and a black vinyl top. The metal portion of the Ford is painted in Ocean Blue and retains stock accents like the headlights, grille, and bumpers.

The stock frame has been updated with a Chassis Engineering parallel leaf conversion out back, now holding a Ford Granada rearend and brakes. Up front, the proper rake is achieved with a 4” dropped axle on split wishbones. Cream-colored artillery wheels are wrapped in big-n-little wide whites to complete the perfect stance.

Power is a 302 from a 1968 Ford pickup. It’s topped with a Road Demon Jr. 4bbl and backed with a C4 trans. It features Vintage Air, power brakes, and power steering.

Inside, four bucket seats from an ’87 Acura Legend were used. The rears have been trimmed down a bit, and they have been wrapped in cream-colored leather. The striking dash features more maple, as well as Brazilian Cherry knobs and a lower extension to house the A/C. Other interior appointments include a tilt column, a Grant banjo wheel, a Tiki shift knob, and a hidden JVC audio system.

Dan and Suzanne say the wagon is a joy to drive, and now they are really looking forward to the next Woodies on the Warf and the West Coast Nationals Wonderful Woody area. This year they’ll graduate from spectator to participant!

Tech Specs:


  • 1936 Ford Woodie
  • PPG Ocean Blue paint
  • Hard Rock Maple and Figured Maple paneling
  • Vvinyl top
  • Sstock bumpers
  • Bob Grant steel running boards


  •  Stock frame
  • Chassis Engineering 4” dropped I-beam axle with split wishbones
  • CE parallel rear with ’79 Granada 8”, power disc and drum brakes


  •  1968 Ford 302
  • Road Demon JR 525 4bbl
  • Vintage Air
  • C4 trans
  • Flowmaster exhaust

Wheels & tyres

  •  Steelies with V8 caps
  • 195/60/15 and 235/75/15 wide whites


  • Four ’87 Acura Legend bucket seats
  • Cream colored leather upholstery
  • Figured and Hard Rock Maple dash with Brazilian Cherry lower extensions and knobs
  • Tiki shifter knob
  • Classic Instruments gauges
  • Grant Banjo wheel on tilt column
  • hidden JVC audio system.


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