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George Poteet's 1932 Ford Sedan Delivery

September 2008

George Poteet's 1932 Ford Sedan Delivery

Poteet's '32 Ford sedan delivery is a stunning example of subtlety and the age-old "less is more" philosophy. George loves basic, bare bones-style cars and at a glance, that's exactly what he got. However, to the trained eye, this black '32 has a number of modifications and added details.
To balance out the visual proportions, the doors were shortened and the body was lengthened an inch and a half. '32 truck inner door panels were grafted in and also had to be stretched to fit.
Modifications include a flush-fit steel roof insert, reshaped fenders and wheel openings, modified aprons, a dropped and narrowed headlight bar and hidden wiring. The hood tops were pie-cut 3/8ths of an inch from front to back.
A set of American Stamping rails were boxed and kicked up in the rear before the crossmembers were added with stainless steel rivets. The chrome front suspension is a Super Bell dropped axle, Pete & Jakes shocks and hand made wishbones. The rear uses a Model A spring to hold the Winters quick change.
The custom 16 and 18-inch Artillery-style rims were whittled out of aluminum and the custom hubcaps are mounted on a bearing with a center weight and do not spin with the wheel. They float in position, keeping the V8 upright at all times.
The inside of the Sedan is as unique and detailed as the exterior. The high-quality hard rock maple woodwork in the cargo area is a virtual jigsaw puzzle that locks together neatly in complete sections with few visible fasteners.

Tech Specs


  • 1932 Ford Sedan Delivery
  • Doors shortened/body lengthened 1.5"
  • Steel insert added to the roof and flush mounted
  • Ccut rear fenders and reshaped openings
  • Reshaped front fenders
  • Modified rear aprons
  • Modified rear spreader for hidden wiring
  • Hood tops pie cut 3/8"
  • Dupont ChromaPremier Super Jet Black paint.


  • American Stamping rails
  • Boxed
  • Kicked up
  • Wiring hidden in rails
  • Engine raised for cleaner under car appearance
  • 4" Super Bell axle
  • Pete & Jake shocks
  • Custom wishbones
  • Vega steering
  • Winters quickchange
  • Ford drum brakes.


  • 1968 Chevy 327
  • Tri-power
  • Pertronix ignition
  • Speedway rams horn manifolds
  • Ford Top Loader trans
  • Jeep shifter.

Rolling stock

  • One-off billet aluminum artillery wheels with custom floating hubcaps
  • 16x4.5/18x7
  • Firestone 4.50-4.75-16 and 6.00-6.50-18 bias plys


  • Stock dash with '32 Chrysler panel restored by Classic Instruments
  • Downsized '32 steering wheel
  • Modified stock seats with Carhart upholstery
  • Extensive woodwork in cargo area


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