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Nick Crea's 1940 Mercury

December 2008

Nick Crea's 1940 Mercury

You might say that Nick Crea had kustom fever, and he knew just who to call. Jerry Koenigsmark and his son Joe were more than happy to build this cool '40 Mercury for him in the old school, tail-dragger style while modernizing the running gear for a great ride and reliable power.
The body was made into a hardtop by removing the B-pillars and the top was chopped. It was fully molded and shaved and the hood was peeked. Many hours of work went into the doors, blending them seamlessly into the molded running boards. Chevy taillights were tucked into the bumper guards and they were mounted on '46 Ford bumpers. There was only one natural color choice for a smooth custom like this: Candy Apple Red. Genuine Appleton spotlights, custom side skirts and Cadillac hubcaps are the crowing touch.
Underneath, a Mustang II IFS was grafted onto the stock frame. Air bags are used for ride height control and a Lincoln Versailles rear was mounted on a three-link set-up out back. Four wheel disc brakes and rack & pinion steering help make this old car handle better than ever. Drivetrain plans called for a Ford GT 302 with fuel injection and an overdrive automatic.
The burgundy and off-white tuck-n-roll upholstery was done by Sullivan Upholstery. The stock dash was modified with a Studebaker gauge cluster and filled with Stewart Warner gauges.

Tech Specs


  • 1940 Mercury 2dr. coupe.
  • Hard top conversion, chopped, filled, smoothed, molded, peeked hood
  • '46 Ford bumpers with Chevy taillights in the guards,
  • Candy Apple Red paint.


  • Stock frame
  • Mustang II IFS
  • Three link/coilover rear suspension
  • Air Ride
  • Lincoln Versailles rear
  • Four wheel disc brakes, rack & pinion steering.


  • Ford GT 302
  • EFI
  • Stainless headers
  • AOD transmission

Rolling stock

  • 215/70/15 BFG whitewalls
  • Steelies
  • Cadillac hubcaps


  • Stock front seat
  • Custom rear
  • Studebaker gauge panel
  • Stewart Warner gauges
  • LeCarra Mark 10 wheel
  • Burgundy and off-white tuck-n-roll.


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