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Bob & Carol Brkick's 1937 Ford Cabriolet

It's safe to say that building a hot rod can be an organic process. While some cars have a rigid build plan that's laid out before the first wrench is turned many seem to evolve as they go, and often spiral into something much more than anticipated.

The chassis on Jeff's '56 was updated with TCI coilover suspension goodies, rack and pinion steering, and Wilwood brakes ...

Dan And Suzanne Varosh of Livermore, California are the proud owners of a '36 Cabriolet, but began searching for a suitable wagon, and they wanted it to be a '36.

In 1999 Jesse Greening and his father Jeff were inspired by the current wave of redefined muscle cars. The idea of adding G.A.C.'s style to a later car was exciting and they decided to throw their hat into the ring. Feeling that the '69 Camaro has had enough attention, they set their sights on a second generation Camaro.

Jesse’s personal ’32 was sold and the search began for a clean project base. They rescued a solid ‘71 from a local pine tree-filled backyard and pulled it completely apart.

If you haven't tried to find a "project" '57 Chevy convertible, you don't know how hard locating one can be. It came as no surprise that a friend's tip led Mike to one with an owner who didn't want to sell. However, birds of a feather flock together, and he pointed Mike to another derelict stashed in a barn. The car was covered in dust and lost civilizations of mice. As a bonus, it was rusty in all the usual places and then some.

A set of 18 and 20" Stilettos from Billet Specialties were chosen as a perfect blend of modern wheels and classic "five-spoke" looks.

Yvon Landry's 2002 Camaro-silver beauty featured here is a fantastic example of how these stunning cars can be updated to today's standards.

Navigating those thousands of miles is fun and easy thanks to a supple red leather interior. With an interior as nice as this, and an exterior as smooth as the Stude's, we wouldn’t want to stop driving it either.

This car caught Michael Buzarellos' eye when he first spotted it in Reno at the world-famous Hot August Nights event.

Michael says that he was impressed with the car’s beautiful fit and finish, and how the rear pan and fenders had been bobbed to show off a fully plated and polished Jag IRS.

Doug Schultz features his hot ride for September 2009!

With the high concentration of Chevrolets in the Street Machine of the Year competitions, Doug Schultz found himself wanting to build something different.

Kirk Jones from Good-Guys features his hot ride for August 2009!

Tom knew that he wanted a Willys, but he set his sights upon a pickup...