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Event Rules


22nd to 25th February 2012


Americarna 2012 is a fun event, celebrating USA vehicles; however as with any event where motor vehicles are involved there is always a risk, so there has to be some rules to keep everyone safe.

We have developed the following rules that must be adhered to at our event by all entrants: 

  1. All driver entrants must hold a Drivers Licence and must comply with all NZ Drivers Licence and Road rules in all facets of the event (exemptions may apply within the road closure area)

  2. The wristbands which are issued at Registration as event identification MUST be worn by every entrant.  They are to be put on prior to taking part in the event and not removed until the event is over.  Without the wristbands properly intact on your wrist you will not be able to gain access to the event.  They are NOT transferable. NB - Once undone they do not reclasp.

  3. Follow the instructions given in the Daily Run Sheets.  These will be handed to you on cruise days as you arrive that morning.

  4. No loss of traction, no wheelies, no speeding, no dangerous driving.  It will NOT be accepted – no exceptions with zero tolerance

  5. In the case of a breakdown please stay with your vehicle.  Americarna has a ‘Tail end Charlie’ that will have access to emergency services if required.  They will also be carrying a mobile phone and first aid kit.  Please make sure your vehicle is safe and as clear from traffic as possible while awaiting help.  In the case of an accident or emergency, please phone 111.

  6. Extreme care must be taken at all times, especially when in the CBD area New Plymouth during the cruise on Friday night.  The speed limit for Friday night cruising has been restricted to 30km/ph while cruising the Devon Street part of the route.  Pedestrian traffic will be high during the event, as well as significant vehicle numbers. 

  7. All entrants must obey the instructions given by the Traffic Management Teams.  The Traffic Management Teams can be easily identified as they will be wearing Hi Viz Vests. 

  8. A window sticker with your entrant number will be issued to you at Registration.  This sticker MUST be fitted to the outside top of your windscreen and is not transferable under any circumstances. 

Failure to observe the above rules will result in immediate expulsion of the entrant from the Americarna 2012 event.

John Rae
Event Director