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Americarna Taranaki 2012 Review

To check out photos of the event and the cars click the following links:

Digital Story - Official Event Photographer:

AmeriCARnage Roller Derby - Americarna Gallery


You Tube Event Footage:

Day one highlights

Day two highlights

Day three highlights

Friday Night Main Street Cruise

Friday Main Street Cruise - Highlights

Margurita Blender


GymCARna You Tube Footage:

Tony in his Camaro

Paul in his Eldorado


AmeriCARnage (Roller Derby) You Tube Footage:

Auckland Roller Derby League vs Swamp City Rollers - 1st Half

ARDL vs SCRR - 2nd Half

Taranaki Roller Corps vs Bay City - 1st Half

Taranaki Roller Corps vs Bay City - 2nd Half

Taranaki Roller Corps 'B' vs K-Town Derby Dolls - 1st Half

Taranaki Roller Corps 'B' vs K-Town Derby Dolls - 2nd Half