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The inaugural Americarna GymCARna which was held in 2012 was such a success we have included it in the itinerary for 2014.  Due to a few changes to this year's itinerary the GymCARna will only take place in Hawera at the TSB Hub.  This will be your only opportunity to show off your driving skills as you manoeuver your car through the course.

To secure your spot in the competition drop an email to Toni -  Open to entrants only.

For those of you who aren't sure........

What is GymCARna? 

A Gymkhana event is a time and/or speed event in your vehicle.  It features obstacles such as cones, tyres, and barrels. The driver must manoeuver through a predetermined "track" performing many different driving techniques all within a certain time limit. Time penalties are issued if cones etc are touched or knocked over. The Americarna version of Gymkhana will be called ‘GymCARna’.  It will not involve any burn outs, 180 or 360 deg spins or drifting as some events do and will be run on a seal car park.